Monday, 28 June 2010

This is Peter...

I did some postcards that took some overheard conversation I was lucky enough to hear, and put it in another, more dark context. This is one of them, heard in the supermarket, a lovely old man said it to his wife, now maybe, just maybe, he was being a little saucy and he wanted her to get some meat, but chances are, he was just teasing. I decided it reminded me of a man I knew, who looked and came across like a raging paedo. This is him. Naughty Peter likes Shetland Ponies, and being a D.J!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

I like getting inside lions

Here's a quick poster I did for a forthcoming show. I wanted to do a homage to the music poster legend that is Jason Munn, you can see his website here, he is a print god, and his illustrations are LUSH! so yeah, I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone. I've been drawing alot of bones lately, and I'm afraid this is just a straight steal from an image I found on the internet with a few changes and stuffffz, but I'll do something more my own in the future! would look nice screen printed! annnnnd good news, I should have the screenprinter set up in a couple of weeks, so expect visual evidence!

Just a quick post today, it's insanely hot in the room I'm in, and the National are on the Tv box, and I'm distracted, gonna scan some observations I made on a train tomorrow, and share the stories, and they are odd.FACT.


Friday, 25 June 2010

'New Pyramid Records'

So firstly, I went and did a blog, purely to harness the amount of useless nonsense that comes out of my pen and mind. I've just been plucked from the safe, warm, womb of education for the summer, and defenestrated straight into the real world of illustration, and it scares me. So this will be an online record of work I'm doing, and also the weird and wonderful stuff that escapes from my imagination.

So without further distraction, here is my first post!

NEW PYRAMID RECORDS - 'Chapter 24' single sleeve

the lovely people at fledgling London label 'New Pyramid Records' asked me to produce the sleeve illustration for their forthcoming release of 'Chapter 24's' new single 'Gregory' . So anyway, the above image is what the final design looks like.....

I decided to go with some lovely swallows, over a backdrop of the view from my window. Then I decided to splash loads of ink on it all. To give it a lush D.I.Y feel, I put it on a brown paper. As if it was drawn on an envelope.yup. (I'd really like someone to draw something like this on an envelope and send it to me, so if you're bored....)

You can pre order the 7" here
or listen to the awesome rrrriot girl lo-fi fuzz of 'Chapter 24' here

I urge you to go and pre order this record NOW! not only will it be a staple addition to your record collection, but it'll be a slab of loveliness too!

So, I think thats that, I aim to do something daily, but I might forget somedays, and do a ton the next. Please keep checking back! I have some exciting things lined up for you over the next few days.......