Saturday, 26 June 2010

I like getting inside lions

Here's a quick poster I did for a forthcoming show. I wanted to do a homage to the music poster legend that is Jason Munn, you can see his website here, he is a print god, and his illustrations are LUSH! so yeah, I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone. I've been drawing alot of bones lately, and I'm afraid this is just a straight steal from an image I found on the internet with a few changes and stuffffz, but I'll do something more my own in the future! would look nice screen printed! annnnnd good news, I should have the screenprinter set up in a couple of weeks, so expect visual evidence!

Just a quick post today, it's insanely hot in the room I'm in, and the National are on the Tv box, and I'm distracted, gonna scan some observations I made on a train tomorrow, and share the stories, and they are odd.FACT.


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