Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dirty Feeders

A while back I was on the train, sat in front of me and my lady were a youngish couple, who to be polite, looked a bit spastic. The girl was preggers, and the boy looked preggers, but he was just fat. For an hour and a half, he draped himself over the girl, and barraged her with quips, bad jokes, and his plans. He produced a jumbo size bag of monster munch, roast beef flavour, which he proceded to force feed his girlfriend, despite her neck craning to escape. The worst part of this ritual was when he forced her to lick his fingers, to his delight. It was sick. He also kept looking at us. I didn't like him, and I feel sorry for his baby as it will no doubt be bought up on golden wonder snacks, and live in a crisp packet. mmm slippery otters. Anyway, I drew him whilst he did it, he kept trying to see what I was drawing. weirdo

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